Flossie’s workshop: “It’s raining cats and dogs”

Flossie - Doncaster

Photo by John Warman

Come and enjoy my (hopefully) fun and informative workshop "It's raining cats and dogs": a humorous discussion about English expressions and proverbs seen from a French perspective.

Expressions and colloquialisms in a foreign language are some of the most difficult things to get to grips with as I soon realised when I decided to permanently move to England in 2002. They can very often lead to misunderstanding and confusion when translated word for word; however they are so much part of our everyday vocabulary and culture - even sometimes without us realising to what extent! - that it is essential to become familiar with them in order to communicate better 🙂

"It's raining cats and dogs" is the first of such expressions I learnt in school as a teenager and I remember how funny I thought it sounded back then... In fact the only thing I could visualise was cats and dogs literally falling from the sky! I couldn't get past that first image and that has stayed with me to this day. Needless to say we don't have an exact translation for it in French but, as you'll find out, the French do have their own colourful ways of describing the same phenomenon 🙂

This workshop is ideal at festivals or similar events and is about one hour long. Due to its nature, the subject matter might be more suitable to teenagers/adults rather than very young children. Please kindly note that it is not a singing workshop.

Everyone is welcome to attend and will be actively encouraged to participate. You have been warned 🙂