LATEST: 2018 will be my "Significant Birthday" year :-) Help me celebrate by making it my best touring year so far! Booking details available from the contacts page.

Hello and welcome to my newly redesigned website where you will find out a bit more about who I am and the songs I sing in the about section.

The gig page will tell you everything you need to know about all my upcoming concerts and even features an exciting interactive map of the U.K to help you plan your next visit :-)

The shop page has been given a total makeover! Here, all 12 of my albums are listed and there are loads of special offers available, with discounts of up to 40%!

And to celebrate the re-issue of 'Making up the Miles', you'll receive a complimentary copy with every order you make! (Offer valid until December 31st)

There is a Dark Horses link which features some information and a song with my friend Keith Donnelly :-)

The publicity page has been specifically designed to allow for documents to be downloaded (high res pictures, A4 posters, biographies etc..) either of me as a solo artist or with other musicians.

There is a French version for those willing to get some information in my native language about the work I've been doing in the last 15 years.

You can also find out more about my workshop on expressions by following this link. Feel free to drop by and say hello by writing on my message board if you wish :-)

Finally, please refer to the contacts page for any booking enquiries in the UK or abroad.

Thanks for your visit, hope you'll enjoy the experience!

Flossie xx

“Flossie has a voice as clear and tuneful as a lark,
with a pureness of quality to stop you in your tracks in the forest of a song”

Colum Sands

“Flossie’s great! She came over from France and wowed everybody with her sensational voice, her gutsy guitar style, eclectic repertoire and franglais patter”
Vin Garbutt

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